Elephantlogic’s strategic monitoring is the easiest way to keep your eyes open to all the essential political issues and developments for your association or company.


In weekly or two-weekly intervals we will send you a clearly formatted review and forecast of your field of interest – plus strategic appraisals and ad-hoc messages of especially important events.

How does the monitoring work?

We constantly evaluate all information available on your field of interest – publications from relevant stakeholders, classic media and social media. We filter out, arrange and prepare what matters to you.

What do you get?

You will receive a monitor review by mail each week or 14 days. This will contain a strategic evaluation of the key events, an overview of events and statements and a preview of upcoming happenings. And of course, ad-hoc messages of important developments

Why are we good at this?

Good monitoring needs powerful technology and well-trained eyes. We have the political background to filter out and strategically evaluate what is important. And we have been doing this reliably for years for clients from a wide variety of sectors.

What do you have to invest?

The time needed for a comprehensive briefing. The better we understand your situation, your strategic targets and your way of working, the better we can tailor the monitoring more precisely to your needs.