Strategic consulting

You want to change and improve your communication with politics and the public, but sustainably – then ‘strategic consulting + support’ from Elephantlogic is your perfect partner.



Together with you, we develop robust strategies and accompany them and you during their implementation. And in doing so, we do not use cookie-cutter solutions; our support looks and is different for each and every client. We are your willing sparring partners, talking with you clearly, eye to eye.


How does the consulting work?

Our consulting is individually tailored to your needs. As a rule, we begin with a strategy workshop where together we take communicative stock, and determine your position and strategic targets. We prepare and comprehensively plan your project and ensure that you are not being led astray in your daily business. On top of this we are experienced in crisis communication and you can rely on us to rapidly intervene in difficult situations.


What practical support do we offer?

Within the framework of our strategic consulting we can also undertake practical tasks: tasks for which you maybe lack employees or know-how. For example:

  • Strategic monitoring: Evaluating and processing all key information related to your policy field.
  • Stakeholder mapping: Continually updating the overview of the major actors in your area of interest.
  • Copywriting: Preparing your specialist information for political and public communications.
  • Event management: Preparing and implementing specialist events, parliamentary evenings, etc.
  • Public opinion research: Providing consulting on development, selection of researchers and evaluation of pubic opinion research.
  • Campaign support: Preparing and supporting public campaigns from selection of agencies to their detailed management.
  • Training: Skilling your employees, for example in representing your interests or social media.


What do we not offer?

We do not do any lobbying ourselves. That means we do not speak in your name to policy decision-drivers or to the public. We also do not establish political contacts, or arrange appointments for you.

We are not an advertising agency who takes on the creative design of your campaigns. That said, we do have a great overview and good contact to numerous agencies, and can help you choose the most suitable agency.