Strategy workshop

the easiest way to improve your association’s or company’s communication with politics or the public.rsz_tru77151


A strategy workshop with Elephantlogic is the easiest way to improve your association’s or company’s communication with politics or the public. Within a minimum amount of time you receive a sound analysis of the status quo and a package of concrete and practical guidance and impulses for your strategic realignment.


How does a workshop work?

We come to you, well prepared with an overview of your sector, the political environment and current challenges. We ask you and your core team the right questions and take communicative stock. We determine your position and your strategic targets together with you, and analyze your communicative resources and experience.

What do you get?

Within two weeks following the workshop you receive a comprehensive evaluation from us. This contains:

  • A clear description of the current situation and strategic targets,
  • The first analysis of your communicative strengths and weaknesses,
  • Concrete and practical suggestions for changes in your political and public communication.

Why are we good at this?

We understand your sector and market. With our own background in politics we are experts in political processes and public communication. Our team is successful in providing consulting for companies and associations. We are the fresh set of eyes looking at your problem from the outside. We see those things that are often difficult to focus on in everyday business life, and find the leverage you need.

What do you have to invest?

One day. The core team involved in the strategy development should clear one day to concentrate on working with us undisturbed. Plus in the run up, we need to meet together to get to know each other, and to prepare.

What comes out of the workshop?

You can get to work immediately with our evaluation. Maybe that is enough to put you on the right track. But we will also stay with you all the way for more complex change and strategy processes.