We pass our knowledge on.  We will make you an offer for our tailored continuing education.rsz_tru7688

We pass our knowledge on. Your employees need to get into shape for work in representing political interests, or in the political application of the internet and social media; then we will make you an offer for our tailored continuing education.

What training do we offer?

We individually align our training to your target groups. Our key focus includes:

  • Strategic approaches in political environments: Successful representation of interests for beginners and advanced.
  • Individual political briefings: Continuing education for managers taking on responsibilities related to government affairs for the first time.
  • Political use of social media: Optimal exploitation of the potential of Facebook, Twitter and co.

Why are we good at this?

We have comprehensive experience in the above through our work in politics and in providing consulting on representation of interests. And in addition, we have multiyear experience in holding lectures, seminars and workshops for companies, associations and educational institutions, such as Quadriga Hochschule.